Stories From the Dating Trenches is the first book release by new-comer, Kristi DeWitt, and it’s receiving explosive reviews! Check out what readers are saying, and post YOUR review by clicking on the “See Book Reviews” button on the left side of the screen.

Reviews – AKA Debriefs

“Stories from the Dating Trenches is laugh-out-loud funny! It’s like “Sex in the City” meets The Rules. Author, Kristi DeWitt, otherwise known as the “Date Diva,” shares ridiculously funny dating disasters, and her sassy sense of humor makes her dating tactics both entertaining and quite useful. This book is a sure-to-be best seller!”

Brad S. – Phoenix, AZ

“It’s refreshing to know I’m not the only woman who’s bad boyfriend decisions led to insane dating experiences. This book had me laughing so hard that my face hurt! Author, Kristi DeWitt, offers fresh dating tactics & tips that are current for today’s dating scene. And the true dating stories are beyond hysterical. DeWitt puts a positive spin on even the most frustrating experiences that singles face. This book is a must-read for singles. Those who are married or in a committed relationship may not need the dating advice, but I still recommend the book because it induces massive laughing and you’ll realize how good you’ve really got it.”

Cathy L. – Spokane, WA

“Stories from the Dating Trenches can help you ‘arm yourself’ and prepare for the battlefield of love. This funny, positive book is a military-themed dating manual packed with humorous stories & helpful advice. The book guides you through preparing to date, strategic places to find singles and what to do – and not to do – while dating. I especially loved the breakup tales and tactics the author, Kristi DeWitt, refers to as, ‘Advancing in the Opposite Direction.’ Apparently that’s military speak for retreat or surrender.”

Pam B. – Philadelphia, PA

“The new book, Stories from the Dating Trenches, by Kristi DeWitt, offers a refreshing new twist on the world of dating. Most dating books offer the same, stale, regurgitated advice: How to tell if someone doesn’t like you, tales of dating woes, and how men and women are different. That’s all great information, but they lack useful advice on finding a good relationship. This is book is different; it lays out a “battle plan” to help you focus on finding a significant other. Once you’ve found your mate, the book’s chapter called, “Code of Conduct” guides you through dating do’s and don’ts. And it even offers break up advice, like ‘Tactic 12: Recycling is Wrong,’ which is about not getting back together with your ex.”

Samantha M – Chandler, AZ

“I sure wish my friend had read Stories from the Dating Trenches before wasting 4 months with her long-distance, internet boyfriend who looked nothing like his photo & was 10 years older than his online profile stated. The book’s online dating streamlining tactics, plus the strategic MAN-euvers and tactics could have saved her a lot of frustration and disappointment. I’m getting her a copy so she can see what she can arm herself with lots of incredible dating tips & tactics.”

Lauren B. – Phoenix, AZ

“Author, Kristi DeWitt, aka ‘Date Diva,’ just released a hot new book, which has officially raised the bar for all dating books. Stories from the Dating Trenches is a collection of side-splitting stories and unique dating tips to help singles be more successful at finding love. ‘Date Diva’ offers details of hysterical first dates, relationship successes and failures, disastrous dates and strange breakup stories. Plus, she even includes her experiences with dating services, matchmakers and online dating.”

Julie H. – Paradise Valley, AZ

“Stories from the Dating Trenches is a good, easy, funny read. It’s the perfect gift for your single friends, sisters, nieces, and maybe even your mother (but if she’s new to the dating scene, be sure you prepare her for the reality of today’s dating world). It would also be great for men to read, so they know what NOT to do, and hopefully they won’t end up in future editions of the book!”

Kelli W. – Dallas, TX